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Terra Natura Wildlife Park and Safari, Murcia

Terra Natura Murcia, Animal / safari park and adventure land

Great fun for all the family easy to find just inside the ring road of Murcia city
Terra Natura Murcia is a new-generation wildlife park where you can discover the “Zoo immersion” experience – a new concept in habitat design which will enable you to come into contact with the animals as if there were no barriers between you – at least, no visible ones!

The 165,445 m² of the Murcia park are divided into two themed areas: the African Savannah and the Iberian Peninsula.
At Terra Natura Murcia you can see more than 300 animals from 50 different species, three of which are in serious danger of extinction, plus over 500 examples of more than 50 species of trees, shrubs and ground cover plants from these regions.
As well as the hugely varied collection of wildlife, our educational information (through placards with biological details and information points), the architectural structures and the range of shows, entertainment and adventure activities make Terra Natura Murcia the number one choice for families looking to spend an interesting and entertaining day in a natural setting.
In the magnificent surroundings of Kenya you mustn’t miss a visit to:
Tsavo Station Kenya: Lunatic Express:
Travel back in time to visit the King of the Jungle in all his glory:
Samburu settlement:
An African settlement where zebras, gazelles, wildebeest and other animals in this attractive spot coexist and wander freely among the rich and varied fauna and flora of the African continent.
Serengeti Park:
Come and be captivated by the tallest mammal of all, the giraffe, and the massive bulk of the biggest of the artiodactyls, the hippopotamus.
Mara River:
A long river meanders through the savannah, where visitors can observe the rich diversity of wildlife and animals roam freely without barriers or obstacles, not to mention all the different types of trees and shrubs typical of the African continent.
Masai Mara lookout point:One of the most spectacular features of this lookout point is the combination of fauna and flora; animals roaming in complete freedom among lush vegetation. The setting will simply enthrall you!Mascots: Watch out, wild animals may pounce on you… to have their photo taken with you.
The Flight of the Birds of Prey: the beauty and dexterity of these wonderful birds will captivate you. Marvel at the majestic flight of two peregrine falcons, a female eagle owl, a common kestrel and two Harris hawks. The exhibition features fascinating explanations of the birds’ characteristics, such as their acute vision and the tremendous speeds they can reach in flight, and the audience are involved as far as possible.
Feeding the animals: This is a fascinating experience which gives allows you to witness the veracity of wild animals when they feed on their prey.

Up close with the animals: Learn about a whole variety of creatures and meet their keepers through friendly, personalized talks throughout the park. And always keep your eyes peeled, because you never know which wild animal might surprise you on your journey (or fly over your head!).Terra Natura Murcia returns this season to offer his fantastic spectacle of sea lions. This activity will provide to the public daily moments of fun mixed with a didactic nature.
The demonstrations, which were conducted daily (at times to care for the tourist) are an educational experience in which viewers can meet all the characteristics of these animals, their habitat, reproduction and lifestyle. All this combined with touches of humor that allows attendees to learn in a fun way.
In addition, game keepers monitor the park to ensure that every new activity is in the best interest for the marine animals and reveal the importance of conservation of the sea. During the time you view the exhibit it will cover topics such as pollution of the seas and oceans and how best to preserve the marine fauna and flora.
Aqua Natura
zone will house the location of these animals and their show from October to May when, with the opening of water parks, rest until the following season. You will also be allowed to take fun photos with these curious animals.With its zoological collection, fantastic shows and wonderful landscaping and architecture, Terra Natura Murcia is one of the absolute ‘musts’ for anyone visiting Murcia and the Costa Calida, as well as residents of the regions of Murcia, Almeria, Alicante and Castile-La Mancha. To fully enjoy all the attractions of the Park, we recommend you set aside a full day for your visit.

Restaurants to visit on site.

Murcia Terra Natura is committed to providing our guests with the highest food quality and friendly service. Our menus offer a variety of choices, from fun snacks and healthy options to the most typical dishes, without missing the delicious sweets.

In addition to our numerous kiosks and posts throughout the park, visitors can eat in the


Carnivore Restaurant:
The best selection of seafood, meats and fish in a unique environment.
This restaurant is to the letter TNM where you can taste the most exotic meats (alligator, ostrich, buffalo, etc …) while being observed by several lions, who you can see through great windows while  eyeing you up for lunch!

Lunatic Express Pub & Lounge:
Later you can taste the best cocktails in the lunatic express pub & lounge, while you see giraffes, zebras and hippos. Bring your camera.


El Refugio del Lobo:
This rest and relax area can you can make use of a picnic area allowing you the time to admire the Iberian wolf from the advatageous lookout.

El Humedal del Ajauque:

Enjoy a drink at the bar of this fabulous rest area where storks, ducks and carp hosts lunch.
Take home a lovely souvenir of the Park in our shop at the main entrance: T-shirts, toys and other souvenirs will make the perfect memory of your visit here.

You can buy tickets at the Park’s ticket offices. Prices vary according to age as follows:
children (aged 4 – 12), adults (aged 13 – 59) and senior citizens (over 60). Infants up to the age of 3 are free of charge when accompanying a paying adult.
The prices given below depend on the season. For further information, please call the Central Reservations Office on 902 50 55 60.
Adult day pass 16€                 Children’s day pass and OAP’s 12€
Season tickets € 90                Children’s season tickets 69€
Prices subject to change without notice, always special offers on.

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